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High Speed Balancing
High Speed Balancing
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 High Speed Balancing
Rated Speed Balancing is for high speed rotating components where standard, "low speed" balancing (less than 2000 rpm) is not sufficient. Typically, High speed balancing is required when additional vibration modes (critical speeds) or radial growth of components are encountered at operational speed.’

Properly balanced rotating components minimize vibration and noise, extend the life of bearings, and help to ensure a component intended levels of safety, reliability and performance. ’

Our Precision Balancing Facility provides extremely accurate balancing of high speed components like Turbine, Compressor and Generator Rotors as per ISO 1940/, API 612,API 617 Mechanical vibration - Balance quality requirements of Rigid & Flexible rotors.
High Speed Spin Testing Facility
Some high speed components must be balanced and over-speed spin tested prior to final installation. We can provide you full range of spin test facility for all types of rotors asper the requirements and International standards.

Technical Specifications of Our Dynamic Balancing Facilties
Max Speed  : 15500RPM
Max.weight  : 30000KG
Max.Job length  : 9500mm
Max.Job dia  : 3100mm
Accuracy  : G 0.4
Balancing stands  : ISO 11342 / API 612, API 617


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