Reverse Engineering at Our Workshop

Swan Turbine Services Pvt .Ltd. spare parts are designed & manufactured using unique combination of turbine specific engineering, manufacturing and testing, ensuring the highest quality product to our customer. With 17 years of supplying parts which represent millions of aggregate turbine operating hours, Swan Turbine Services Pvt .Ltd. has vast engineering experience & expertise has established a reputation of a reliable source for the manufacturing of turbines, compressors, generators, fans, blowers & pumps. Replacement parts.

For this, we are equipped with state of art CMM facility for developing drawings of components and manufacturing. We extend our reverse engineering services at customer’s place with the help of portable CMM machine that helps in saving lot of logistics and time for customer.

Design:- Swan Turbine Services Pvt .Ltd. engineering uses latest equipment & technology to analyse & design turbine, compressors & generator etc., Components. These includes:
  • Faro portable co-ordinate measuring equipment, which is along with a 3D scanning technology of components
  • Pro/engineering, 3D modelling (Solidworks,Unigraphics)& designing.
  • Material analysis.